Christians and Homosexuality


Christians must not celebrate the homosexual lifestyle since it contradicts the purpose of sexuality as given to us by God who created man and woman and He created them in His image and likeness and afterwards told them to be fruitful and multiply.  He warned that one must not have intercourse with a person of the same sex [1].

Today many Christians, even those who are active in the ministerial life of the Church, openly support homosexuality while proudly calling them Christians as if calling themselves Christians calls for standing up for such a thing.  Even if a Christian espouses this heresy they still may be Christians by their Baptism but they have potentially placed themselves in a state of grave sin by endorsing heresy.  Personally I know a few Catholics who were active in the Catholic campus ministries who put the LGBT flag over their profile pic in celebration of the recent Supreme Court ruling.

Another brony blogger named Blamethe1st has openly endorsed the Obergefell v. Hodges ruling, even stating, “The Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage nationwide today” [2].  The problem is the Supreme Court doesn’t have any legal authority or power to make, undo or change laws and never has.  Isn’t that something libertarianism is against?  The abuse of power in federal government when it does not abide by federal and constitutional law to enforce its will and/or the will of powerful lobbyists (e.g. the LGBT lobby) upon other people.  Libertarians are supposed to oppose public officials going against the Constitution like when five of nine unelected men and women appointed by the president attempt to dictate to millions of Americans what is legal and what is not legal.  But beside the fact that libertarianism does not necessarily equal Christianity just as liberalism and even conservatism do not, it is still inconsistent for a libertarian to celebrate a ruling by an institution with no constitutional power to do so and attempt to undo state laws voted on by popular vote in each of those states.  Now people could possibly be arrested or fined for refusing to grant a license to gay couples as one woman in Kentucky did [3], and that is also against libertarian values.

Bottom line is if we are baptized and call ourselves Christians, then we must be ready to put faith before politics.  We should not say we oppose gay “marriage”, then celebrate a Supreme Court ruling that claims it is a right in spite of the fact rights come from none other than God and gay “marriage” is not one of them.  Such things are merely tolerated to test the saints, but to deny the idea there is such a marriage is not an injustice since God alone can claim what is just.  Our Lord Jesus Christ said, “Much will be required of the person entrusted with much, and still more will be demanded of the person entrusted with more” [4].

We are expected to not only be Christians in name, but also Christians in belief and practice.  Christianity comes before libertarianism, liberalism or conservatism; because our faith comes from God, who is not limited by any political ideology, no political ideology perfectly harmonizes with the faith.  God created a kingdom, not a democracy, a republic or an anarchist society.  We either call ourselves Christians and do not endorse sin or we endorse it and have the decency to stop calling ourselves Christians.  We can’t serve both God and the world; we either serve one or the other; we cannot have two masters.  The Lord Himself said this [5].

[1] Leviticus 18:22



[4] Luke 12:48

[5] Matthew 6:24; Luke 16:13



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