Shepard Smith vs. Christians – Mixing Apples with Oranges


Shepard Smith, FOX News anchor

FOX News host Shepard Smith doesn’t have a love for Christians, at least the ones who oppose both licensing gay couples and Sharia law.  Apparently in his opinion it is hypocritical to be against both.  It’s so ridiculous that this deserves an article of its own.

I am so glad Pamela Geller had the guts to stand up to his far left-wing bully and give him a piece of her mind.  Smith stated that Kim Davis’ supporters are “the same crowd” as those saying, “We don’t want Sharia law” [1].  What’s so wrong about that?

FOX News is overrated. Almost as overrated as MSNBC or Huffington Post. Sharia seeks to force the will of Allah in every aspect of people’s lives and punish people severely to violating Sharia. There’s no similiarity. Like Shepard Smith said: “Haters gonna hate.” Except he’s one of the haters.  He’d rather allow a bunch of jihadi Muslims implement Sharia law — as ISIS, Saudi Arabia and Iran have — cut thieves’ hands off, whip fornicators, behead apostates and stone adulterers and homosexuals, than allow Christians to not give licenses to gay couples?!  How sick and twisted is that?!

Why do gays need licenses in the first place?!  They don’t produce children and continue the human race.  They biologically can’t produce children with their partners.  Their union is essentially different from the natural union between one man and one woman and they know that, yet that doesn’t stop them.  They want their unions to be recognized on the same exact level as that of a straight married couple.  Most people don’t care if they move in with each other and have sex anyway, so they easily do that without being penalized by the state for not having a licensed “marriage”.  Yet that’s not enough.  They want to bully others into submission.  Smith is the same way and go figure: he himself is gay and has a boyfriend, or at least did by the time the link was posted [2].

[1] Geller, Pamela. “Fox’s Shepard Smith: Kim Davis “the same crowd that says, ‘We don’t want Sharia law””. <;.

[2] Guariglia, Matthew. Heavy: “Shepard Smith’s ‘Boyfriend’: All the Photos You Need to See”. <;.


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