A Rant about the SSPX


Of course the SSPX is up in a hype about Pope Francis granting even SSPX priests the authority to absolve excommunicants of sins normally only absolvable by a bishop.  It’s being construed as normalization of the Society but that is far from the case.  Is this a sign of moving forward to reconciliation?  Maybe.  I sure hope so.  However some things still need to be worked out.

I’m generally not one to harshly criticize the SSPX but what I find really obnoxious is their hypocrisy: they call out all ecumenism (which I wouldn’t confuse with ecumenicalism) as heresy or apostasy when they themselves are participating in it with the Vatican in the hopes of reconciliation, or how they want to claim submission to the pope as a legitimate pope without submitting to him and the local ordinary in canon law while claiming the functions they cannot have unless given them by the bishop or how some SSPX affiliates have this mentality that you’re either with them or against them: they even say FSSP offers invalid Masses for submitting to the pope and accepting the Second Vatican Council as a valid council; they went as far as to say the Anglican use of the Roman rite offers invalid Sacraments.  John Vennari is known for defending what he calls the legitimacy of attending SSPX Masses with Ecclesia Dei while the SSPX lambasts the FSSP, founded through Ecclesia Dei by former SSPX priests with Saint John Paul II’s approval, for accepting the Second Vatican Council as a valid ecumenical council.

In other words they defecate on everybody else while promoting themselves as the only true defenders of the faith as if being in full communion with the Vatican automatically makes one tainted by the theological, moral and liturgical problems in the Church.

They know they are highly respected by many in the Church from popes to cardinals and bishops, yet they refuse to reconcile with the Vatican unless the Holy See gives in 100% to their demands. They could easily accept the Vatican’s terms — and it has gone head over heels to accomodate to the SSPX — and they know it, but they refuse to do it anyway. They only make the problem worse when they split from the Holy See because now not only do we have to worry about heterodox clergy but we also have to worry about schismatic clergy, which makes our options of going to Mass smaller.


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