FOX News Exposed


Many would find it surprising for the likes of me to criticize FOX News since they are under the impression that FOX News is some ultra, far-right wing conservative news channel.  They like to say FOX News is biased; it’s not news.  Yet who told them that?  More than likely MSNBC, Huffington Post, Jon Stewart or the Obama administration.  Yet while true in a way, it is not exactly what they claim it is — not to mention they themselves are biased — and they fail to look at the demographics.

The reality of the matter is there is hardly anything conservative about FOX News.  There are some conservatives in FOX News like Sean Hannity, but there are also Democrats and other liberals like Bob Beckel (whom I respect quite a bit for a Democrat) and Alan Colmes (not so much), then there are libertarians like John Stossel and Geraldo Rivera, and then Independents like Bill O’Reilly, Laura Ingraham, Greta van Susteren and Megyn Kelly.  In other words: FOX News is far more politically diverse than any other mainstream news source.  Yet that’s not my issue with FOX News.  My issue is on their outlook on social issues which would shock the average liberal who was told that they all oppose everything liberals stand for.

For example: Shepard Smith, who made the news not too long ago, detested the fact many who supported Kim Davis on the Obergefell ruling are the same ones who oppose Sharia [1].  Sean Hannity publicly insulted a priest, Fr. Thomas Euteneuer, over his taking issue with Hannity’s artificial contraception stance [2].  Megyn Kelly accused a professional psychiatrist of being hateful for calling out the propaganda behind promoting homosexuality and transgenderism in the media [3].  Geraldo Rivera, a civil libertarian, openly advocates abortion and same-sex “marriage” [4].  Many noticed some changes going on after Rupert Murdoch, founder of FOX News, funded Hilary Clinton’s campaign and endorsed Barack Obama [5].  Let’s also add that FOX Broadcasting Company, parent company of FOX News, is working with a Planned Parenthood executive or employee [6].

Here’s a video to talk more about it.

Then there’s the fact 20th Century Fox — a FOX Broadcasting Company subsidiary — produces shows like Family Guy, Cleveland Show and American Dad, all which frequently ridicule Christianity and Christians as either ignorant, superstitious, intolerant or tyrannical bullies and hypocrites.  Funny how three shows would also attack journalists who aren’t that different from them and attack a news channel owned by their host company.


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