I am not anti-Charity


The Good Samaritan

News flash: I’m being falsely accused of being insensitive to the plight of the real refugees.  I have repeatedly written against the white nationalist approach on the Syrian refugee crisis and praised Pope Francis’ call to open doors to refugees and the conversion of many Syrians to Christianity.  However that’s not enough apparently.  It’s a give all or take all approach in the mind of the far left as well as the far right albeit in different situations.

The far left, including the Christian left, is under the delusion that if you have any suspicions about the Islamic migration to Europe, then you’re against Christian charity and are a bigot, a racist, a hater, etc.  An article was posted that was written by Evangelical Chris Jeub about how apparently those who question the migration are paranoid haters who oppose Christian charity; yet I wouldn’t allow myself to be lectured by a man who has been accused by his daughters of numerous things which include physical abuse among them [1].  In the common left-wing mindset, all migrants are good people even when not all of them are good people: in their mentality you are either entirely for migration or completely against it.

The other side, the far right, wants absolutely nothing to do with the migration of refugees, even the true refugees.  They are concerned all Muslims are here to do harm and that they — as non-whites — will destroy the white race.  If anything the far right is far more concerned about race than about actual issues like ideology.  That in part makes white nationalism a delusional ideology.  No matter what their ideology, they should not be allowed to migrate to a safer place because of their race.  Hence you have cases like those angry white supremacists who wished death on the pope for calling Catholics to open their doors to refugees [2].  They worship their race, culture and nationality besides God.

It can be difficult and I understand I am walking on a narrow rope talking about these issues in a controversial way.  However I am allergic to the far left and the far right and I will not allow myself to be manipulated by either side which is more interested in promoting their self-righteous ideologies than actually looking at these issues from a healthy and moderate perspective.  The self-righteous far left wants to boast about how charitable they are and how hateful everybody else is while the self-righteous far right wants to boast how their ethnicity, culture and nationality are superior and those of others are inferior.  Either way it is a cancer to society and a heresy in the sight of God.  I quit liberalism years ago and I have never been enamored with white supremacy.

Maybe I should be more sympathetic towards good Muslims, but it’s hard to be too trusting when we have issues.  Please pray for me that I may have a better sense of prudential judgment on such topics.  I am all for welcoming refugees, even Muslim ones, if they are willing to respect the religious and cultural identity of the majority population in their host nation.  This does not make me an enemy of Christian charity and I think those who tout Christian charity to the likes of me should check their own judgmental attitude towards those who are neither entirely for or against this migration into the West.

[1] <http://radaronline.com/exclusives/2014/10/wendy-chris-jeub-duggars-abuse/&gt;.

[2] <http://www.rawstory.com/2015/09/white-supremacists-threaten-to-assassinate-anti-white-pope-francis-during-us-visit/&gt;.


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