Ann Coulter – Cartman, Anybody?


Ann Coulter has once again gone over the top and this time by saying, “How many f—ing Jews do these people think there are in the United States?”  Obviously due to the nature of her comment many called her an anti-Semite and called for her account to be closed.

Eric Cartman, anybody?  Apparently it is not the first time Coulter has used such terminology.  Back two years ago she quoted a Ronald Reagan aide who allegedly said, “F*** the Jews; they don’t vote for us anyway.”  I posted a few days ago about Coulter’s view that you have to be a White Anglo-Saxon Protestant to be American; so not Catholic, not Jewish, not Muslim, just Protestant.  She also apparently thinks drones should be used on the border at anybody who tries to sneak illegally into the country and spend a bunch of more money on other things on the southern U.S. border.

She is really bringing herself down and giving progressives a reason to think she speaks for the rest of the Republican Party.  She speaks for herself.  Yet the liberals would be surprised to find out how she betrays the pro-life movement in a heartbeat in favor of a strict border defense.  She said she wouldn’t care if babies were aborted in the White House if it meant electing Donald Trump and apparently to drone people, perhaps some families who didn’t know of any other way to escape from their problems, in the name of national defense.  This is the neoconservative wish to the extreme: to spend a bunch of money to drone people who may not even be violent drug cartels or human traffickers while spitting on the Christians they pretend to stand with against abortion, euthanasia, homosexuality, embryonic stem cell research, etc.


You can read it here:


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