Marriage and Socieconomics


Pray for more calls to the married life and the priesthood!

Marriage has become so distorted by politics that it has corrupted the culture’s outlook on this institution.  Many are not getting married and many who do get married later and have less kids.

I can’t say I blame them.  In fact I don’t.  Those politicians, especially on the left, have made sure couples have less children.  Whether or not they intended this is another question, but their policies have made it much more difficult on the traditional family.  More people are getting divorced and less people are getting married.  In addition many who get married do so at a later age and have less kids.  This is largely due to the rising costs of healthcare and other such costs.  It has basically become a burden.

Because of this marriage has been treated as either a prison or a loving union where two people can be together childless (enter gay “marriage”).  Because of the socialist policies that gradually increase costs more millennials are not getting married and those who do are having less kids and now for example in Western Europe young couples are having less children than can replace them in the future.  In fact scholars predict that if Western Europe keeps going in this direction the population will drastically decrease as the baby boomers die off.  Those politicians have pushed for policies, largely based on environmentalism (hence population control), to ensure that married couples have a more difficult time having children and even able to afford to pay their own bills.

Then comes consumerism which has influenced even older generations; this belief basically says you should enjoy life and buy all the best toys the big corporations out there sell.  It has become so influential that it has persuaded couples to spend more on themselves than on their children’s future.  Not only that but it has helped implement a mindset that young people should not have kids because it’s too much of a burden that gets in the way of having fun and buying all the things you like.

Now there’s the influx of Muslim refugees and they are having large families.  That’s one aspect Westerners can learn from Muslims: having more than two children should not have to be a bad thing.  If a couple is able to afford it, they should have as many kids as they can.  South American families are still pretty large and for them family is more important than money.

Pray for more calls to the married life, the priesthood, the deaconate, the consecrated life, the single life and the monastic life.


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