Playing the Islamophobia Card


14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed and his clock

Ahmed Mohamed, a 14-year-old high school student, was escorted out of the school by police after he was asked what he was carrying.  The students, teacher, school faculty and law enforcement made a mistake. It happens. He did make a clock which made students and the teacher nervous because it was ticking.

The dots don’t connect. He wasn’t brand new to the school; nobody reported him previously to the police based on his name, ethnicity or religion. It wasn’t until he made a mysterious ticking device that authorities were called in. The PC crowd, under the pressure of CAIR, is creating a false narrative. This is why I’m not falling for the false narrative of Islamophobia or racism.  If he’s so smart, he should’ve known better than to bring a suspicious ticking device to school.  Non-Muslims have been suspected and arrested for less than this boy and if he weren’t Muslim he’d probably be charged with such a crime for less.

In his defense, maybe he is high-functioning autistic and really likes high tech stuff: so he really wanted to show this to his teacher who ended up thinking it was a bomb. He probably didn’t realize it at the moment that it would create a very different reaction than the one desired since autistics tend to be in their own world and expect something very different from what happens. Of course, this is just a theory and I can’t say this is the case for sure. Even if this were so the parents should’ve stepped in and told him not to do that. That’s bad parenting on their part.

Instead of that, the day later implied that he was racially or religiously profiled.  Of course the liberal media are behind him now because of this.  That’s not surprising.

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