Bill Maher – The Islamophobia Delusion


Bill Maher, TV host of HBO’s ‘Real Time’

For obvious reasons I am no fan of Bill Maher, but whenever he speaks of Islam and political correctness he is right on the money.  The political correctness crowd, largely consisting of the left, has a sick delusion that Islamophobia is everywhere.

Non-Muslims have been suspected, suspended and/or arrested for far less than Ahmed Mohamed: e.g. saying “Bang”, making what looks like a gun out of a cookie, or playing with squirt guns.  Yet this Muslim boy is the one who gets invited to the White House and it is now that people all of a sudden jibe about racism and religiously motivated bigotry.  Some of the liberal media hypocritically suspected that Christians or Tea Partiers were behind the Boston Marathon bombing; but it’s okay to wrongly suspect Christians or Tea Partiers of terrorist plots but not to suspect Muslims of the same thing in spite of the fact that over 90% of terrorist attacks are made by Muslims.

Bill knows this is ridiculous and has upset his liberal buddies who think those big, bad white Texans (irony?) are out to get those non-white Muslims and suspect them of plotting terrorism.  The TV host even added rhetorically if the teacher should have just stayed quiet based on the possibility his/her white privilege was leading him/her to a conclusion.  He also mentioned how every time a Muslim commits atrocities those who knew them always say something like, “Who would have thought he would turn out this way”, “He was such a nice guy” or “He was the last person we would have thought would do this.”

Yes, it’s always the Muslim people least expect to commit such atrocious acts.  Wonder why?  They’re afraid they’ll be hounded down by the media, Islamic watch dog groups or jihadis.  But hey, I can’t talk about that because of my straight, male, white, cisgendered Christian privilege.  I can’t possibly understand how Muslims feel like in a country where they are the minority.  Poor Muslims; it must be hard for them to live in a country where the majority of them are on welfare at taxpayers’ expense.  It’s not like Christians and Shiite Muslims for example get the same treatment in Sunni Islamic countries like Saudi Arabia, seeing that non-Muslims aren’t even allowed to build churches, pray openly, share their literature or receive zakat.

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