Dr. Ben Carson vs. Lindsey Graham


Dr. Ben Carson, 2016 presidential candidate

I don’t think Obama is a Muslim, seeing the evidence doesn’t match up with his very secularist beliefs (he couldn’t live down advocating gay “marriage” with Muslims), but Ben Carson said something very true.  Hypothetically speaking if a Muslim did get elected president of the United States it could very much be a problem because (1) it would not be good for representing a predominantly Christian nation, (2) it would very much effect his foreign policy and (3) Islam is very much at odds with Western Christian and secularist values.

So now Lindsey Graham demands an apology from Carson for his politically incorrect remarks about Islam.  Yes, even people on the right are falling for this political correctness.  Ron Paul was doing it a lot during the Ground Zero Mosque debate and now neo-conservative Bush Republican Lindsey Graham.  The same man who advocates unwarranted NSA spying on millions of Americans and non-Americans — and you know they’d hesitate to spy on Muslims — is demanding Carson to apologize to American Muslims.

I speak for myself when I say I don’t think electing a non-Christian into office to lead a predominantly Christian nation is a good idea, especially if the elected official is Muslim.  In the latter case it could influence him to make decisions in the favor of Muslims; Obama has already done that.  Imagine if a self-professed Muslim were elected into office.  He would more likely give money to Islamic countries which actively persecute Christians and fund groups that attack them while demanding non-Muslim Westerners to cater to Islamic interests.  It’s already happening with a secular humanist in office.

You can read more here: http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2015/09/lindsey-graham-ben-carson-should-apologize-to-american-muslims/


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