Anti-Catholic Preachers for the Antichrist


Pastor Gino Jennings confused a statue of Saint Theresa for Our Lady

I don’t care if they’re anti-abortion, anti-homosexuality, anti-Islamic or whatever.  If they are anti-Catholic then that amounts to nothing and that is because to one degree or another they reject central tenets of the authentic Christian faith: the Holy Eucharist, the ministerial priesthood, sacramental confession, or even the Holy Trinity.  They close the ability to receive mercy to their congregants who are deprived of the Sacraments which contain God’s graces.

If they are unsuccessful in persuading Catholics into believing their slanderous and blasphemous remarks about the doctrines and Sacraments of the Church, they begin to talk incessantly about the sins of Catholics throughout the ages, as if they themselves and their followers are perfect.  In other words, they don’t have one iota of theology in them; they make converts only because they know how to sell.  They are very good at mind control and can play on unsuspecting Catholics’ emotions.

In the end, Protestant fundamentalists might recognize the problem to some extent but they reject the remedy.  There is virtually nothing redeeming within fundamentalist Protestant circles and even in mainstream Protestantism there is a lack of valid Sacraments besides Baptism and Matrimony.  In fundamentalist circles that is worse because they spend a lot of time viciously attacking the Sacraments and about as much time trying to convert Catholics away from the Church and to their man-made ecclesiastic communities which have no apostolic succession, no unity, no valid Sacraments and no credibility in interpretation of Scripture.

They do the work of the devil who despises the Church who rebelled against God in the beginning and has since then been jealous of humankind’s relationship with God and constantly seeks to bring people away from Him.  Bringing people away from the Apostolic Church is one major way in which that happens.  Sure, we all sin, but if we are members of the Church then we have the Sacraments available.  If we are not in the Church then we are lacking the graces necessary.

The Church does not believe that extra Ecclesiam means only those who are members can be saved.  It also teaches that some who have not been fully admitted into the Church by their death can be saved.  This is if they had a longing desire — conscious or subconscious — to convert to the Catholic Church but died before receiving Baptism and/or Holy Communion and/or were were martyred for the faith without having received those Sacraments, or if they never heard the Gospel and/or had the chance to convert.  The Baltimore Catechism put it nicely when it said “that a person must be connected with the Church in some way to be saved” (A. 167).

All should have a desire to convert to the Catholic faith and remain in the Church, but I would be concerned particularly of the anti-Catholics because not only have they explicitly shown they refuse to (re)join the Church but they openly display animosity towards her and hence they lack charity which is a major cause of concern for anybody non-Catholic or Catholic.  You can never make it into Heaven if you have no love but hate, especially if that hate is hatred for God and/or the Church.  It does not matter how much anti-Catholics invoke the Lord’s name or boast that they are saved: “Pride goes before disaster and a haughty spirit before the fall” (Proverbs 16:18).

There are many good and pious Protestants who I feel have at least a subconscious desire to be with the Church and this is not directed towards them, but this is a warning to those who actively oppose the Church.  Saint Paul warned that among those who “will not inherit the kingdom of God” are those who cause “hatreds, rivalry, … acts of selfishness, dissensions, factions” (cf. Galatians 5:19-21).  Among those whose “lot is in the burning pool of fire and sulfur” (cf. Revelation 21:8) are liars; preachers of heresy are liars because they distort the truth by telling a lie.  May they find solace in the Church and receive the Sacraments.


Mustafar looks like Hell, or common depictions of it


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