Obama and the EPA


It is pretty well known by now that the Holy Father has called for a protection of the environment (see Laudato Si).  Today he even addressed the White House, mentioning the call to protect our environment, which in case many are not aware is one of the tenets of Catholic social doctrine.

So where is President Obama?  What has he said about the Environmental Protection Agency’s major screw-up?  This is without a doubt one of the biggest government screw-ups in a long time.  The Environmental Protection Agency, known for lecturing people on a highly disputed global warming theory, released a bunch of toxic waste into a major American river and source of water and food.  How much worse could it get?

As typical Obama is once again missing in action.  When somebody or some agency in the executive branch gets caught in a scandal, Obama completely avoids the issue and dances around the subject rather than face it, admit the problem and come up with some sort of disciplinary action such as replacing the person guilty.  The liberal media didn’t exactly demand answers from the White House even though they endlessly talk about protecting the environment and Pope Francis’ call to it.  Go figure.  This is a fiasco: a major source of water and food has been contaminated with toxins, completely recoloring the river and it could take a long time — not to mention millions of more tax dollars — to fix this federal government screw-up.

I love the environment.  I love the rivers, the trees, the mountains, the landscape, and I want to see them preserved.  I am very deeply disturbed that a beautiful river, not to mention life source, has been poisoned by a federal agency.  We should listen to the Holy Father’s call to protect the environment even if we disagree with him on global warming.  In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth, He then created man and woman, giving man dominion over all the plants and animals.  The Church calls this stewardship of God’s creation.  When we are entrusted something, we are also expected to take care of it.  In this case we have been entrusted the earth and sea by God Himself and because of this we must also take care of it, lest we suffer from our own mishaps.

His Holiness warned, “Detergents and chemical products, commonly used in many places of the world, continue to pour into our rivers, lakes and seas” (Laudato Si, n. 26).  This is unacceptable.  Although this was supposedly a mistake it was a major one and was most likely avoidable.  It probably was out of negligence.


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