Ultramontanism is Heresy


Venerable Pius XII

Ultramontanism is bad for Church.  It takes its name from Montanism, an early heretical sect which professed the infallibility and inerrancy of prophets.  In essence Ultramontanism professes either the infallibility and inerrancy of the pope if not at least the prohibition of any criticism of the pope on what he says and does.

Among many of their beliefs, such as women bishops and priests, like the Pentecostals of today the Montanists placed profound emphasis on their preaching being without error.  Even the Church does not believe this in regards to the pope.  The First Vatican Council declared that the pope is infallible ex cathedra “in matters of faith and morals” (Dei Filius 2:2).  Not only that but it has to be invoked, meaning he must say something along the lines of “We declare…” or “I declare…”.

Blessed Pius IX defined the Immaculate Conception as dogma in 1854.  Venerable Pius XII defined the Assumption as dogma in 1950.  When a doctrine is defined dogma by a pope or an ecumenical council, this means that all Catholics everywhere and at all times must accept it as divinely revealed truth to be a member of the Church.  In other words papal infallibility is rarely invoked.

I got out of the Ross Earl Hoffman clan which attacks people for the smallest disagreement with the pope on non-doctrinal issues.  Apparently they are not aware of when Saint Paul rebuked Saint Peter (rf. Galatians 2:11-14).  When they are encountered by this, they will say something like you are not Saint Paul or not a cleric if you are a layperson, making you automatically unfit to express concerns.  No wonder so many Protestants think we worship the pope; because so many Catholics seek to silence and ostracize other Catholics who express the slightest disagreement with the pope on his words or actions.  Then they will jump to the conclusion that you must think you are holier than the pope.

I am not saying I am holier than the pope or even as holy as the pope.  I know my sins and I can learn a lot from the pope.  However that does not mean I cannot express my disagreements with him on topics like Islam or the death penalty.  I was unfriended by a friend a few days ago because he got tired of my defending the pope from unfair accusations.  He even told me he had to wonder if people like me who defend the pope are even really Catholic.


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