John Boehner’s Retirement


It came as a surprise to everybody it seems that Speaker John Boehner announced his resignation from Congress on October 30.  I can’t say he was a great Speaker, but his decision is honorable and should be respected.  Yes, I do have a feeling it had to do with the Holy Father’s visit to the United States.

Just a day after he met with Pope Francis, Speaker Boehner openly announced his resignation.  He even mentioned that he thought about it last night, mentioning the pope told him to pray for him and Boehner was praying when it came upon him to resign from office.  Did the pope leave an impression upon him?  More than likely especially considering the randomness and the proximity to his meeting with the pope.

I did not see a single person more moved by the pope’s presence than Boehner.  He was caught on several occasions weeping uncontrollably, trying to keep a straight face but failing miserably, even wiping his face with a tissue several times.  Boehner does have a history of getting emotional in public, but not like this when he met with His Holiness.  Boehner, a practicing Catholic and former altar server, had been requesting the pope’s visit for a while now and that request was finally answered.

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