Gay Catholics


I had a short discussion today in CCD class over my thoughts on gay “marriage”.  Of course, regardless of what the state says on the subject, a union of two men or two women can never be a marriage just as a man cannot be an ordained priest or a woman be an ordained priestess just because they say they are.  No matter how much they think they are married or are a priest it does not make them so.

They would thus be living a lie.  The Church, not ourselves nor the state, has sacramental power to decree what is and what isn’t in the eyes of God.  It is to the Church, not the state, that Our Lord Jesus Christ gave the power of binding and loosing (rf. Matthew 16:18, 18:18).  So two men or two women are not married just because they have a piece of paper from the court house saying they are because this is a sacramental power given to the Church, not a judge.

The gay lobby would have us think we don’t want gays to love each other unconditionally.  That’s not at all true.  They are not forbidden to love one another unconditionally and in fact they should.  What they cannot do however is express human sexuality with each other since sexual intercourse is a gift by God granted specifically to be used within the confines of marriage, a natural or even sacramental union of one man and one woman for the rearing of children to build up the family of God which is he Church.

Contrary to what people say of us, gays are welcome to join the Church just as the rest of us.  However, they must be aware just as the rest of us that certain actions are intrinsically sinful and thus we should not act upon them.  It’s not that homosexual inclination or temptation is itself sinful; but acting upon that inclination or temptation is sinful.  Gays like anybody else “must be accepted with respect, compassion, and sensitivity” (cf. Catechism of the Catholic Church, n. 2358).


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