Gay Priest Fired


A Polish priest, Fr. Krzystof Charamsa, recently came out as gay and having a Spanish partner.  The priest has also made statements actively opposing Church doctrine on sexuality, calling for change in regards to homosexual acts.  He along with many others do not get the point.  The moral precepts of the Church cannot change as they are divinely revealed truths explained in Scripture and the living Tradition of the Church.

Gays are welcome in the Church, but they must embrace Church teaching on such subjects as sexuality. If they pressure the Church into changing her doctrine, they only place themselves in material or formal heresy.  I know plenty of practicing Catholics who struggle with same-sex attraction and yet they open themselves to sanctifying grace rather than indulge in sin.  These Catholic men and women, who have picked up their cross to live a Christian life, get no support from those heterodox liberal Catholics who want them to think they did it all for nothing.  I have also sometimes struggled with sexual attraction to other guys although I typically like girls.

Furthermore they want deacons, priests and bishops to ignore God’s doctrine on sexuality to preach a feel-good message that sounds good to the world.  They want people to ignore this unchangeable truth and not go to Confession for it, thinking it has been changed.  So they might think it has been changed, but they have not changed anything and instead have normalized expressions of sexuality contrary to divine and natural law.  In the process they have given people less a reason in their minds to go to Confession.  So the problem is not so much that the sin exists, but it is being promoted as good.  Sure, we all sin, but some indulge in sin and this is likely mortal sin.  To deliberately reject any tenet of the Catholic faith when you know doing so is a grave sin is to commit mortal sin which puts the soul in jeopardy.  Whether our sin is venial or mortal however we should take it to Confession with the intent to not commit it in the future, hence a firm purpose of amendment.

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