Putin, the Americanist’s Nightmare


I do believe he should be given the title Defender of Orthodoxy due to his profound devotion to protect Christians in the Middle East.  Iraq and Syria have turned into a political wasteland due to the horrible policies of both Barack Obama and George W. Bush.  Yet, Republicans and Democrats defending their policies are viciously attacking Vladimir Putin on claims they cannot even prove.

We keep hearing conservatives and libertarians like Carly Fiorina, Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz, George W. Bush, Mark Levin, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, John McCain, Mitt Romney and even Michael Savage vilify President Putin, the latter actually flip-flopping.  I really don’t get why.  Russia didn’t conquer South Ossetia and didn’t jump into the war until after nine Russian peacemakers were killed and even after the conflict Russia and Georgia mutually agreed that South Ossetia was independent from them both [1].  Ukraine was subject to political corruption and had a coup d’état led by the U.S. and the E.U. which resulted in the passing of severe laws that censor criticism of the government and arrest peaceful protesters, not to mention the isolation of largely Russian Crimea which voted to secede from Ukraine to join Russia [2].  It’s like they can’t let go of that old bitter rivalry with the U.S.S.R. which doesn’t exist anymore.

Now, there’s the Syrian civil war, the Arab Spring and the ongoing ISIS jihad, all which tie in together.  Presidents Assad and Putin have allied their countries together to fight ISIS and its rebel allies.  Even though Senator McCain was proven wrong a long time ago on his claim there are moderates fighting Assad — and that those same rebels were directly and indirectly connected to ISIS and Al-Qaeda — he and a bunch of other conservatives and libertarians are sounding the chorus to fight Assad, which would consequentially lead to the strengthening of ISIS and the further destruction of Christendom in the Middle East.

Yes, I do believe Russia is the most powerful country in the world now.  I believe Russia now leads the war against ISIS.  Putin even made Forbes Magazine‘s #1 spot on its most powerful leaders list.  No wonder American conservatives are so livid.  Russia has taken the glory away from America, but this is also coming in a time where lots of conservatives are turning their backs on Christianity in favor of gay “marriage” and dialogue with Muslims for example.  These conservatives don’t want anybody other than America to tell the rest of the world what to do.  They also don’t want anybody but themselves to own nuclear weapons.  Why does any country have nuclear weapons to begin with?!

When they can’t prove Putin’s imperialistic nature, they look for something to throw at him.  For example, they’ll assume he wants to attack Israel.  Yet, Putin traveled to Israel and was warmly welcomed by Israeli politicians and rabbis where he talked about the fight against anti-Semitism; Israel and Russia are allies by the way [3].  The Russian president even stated he stands with Israel [4].

Then there’s the idea Russia is predominantly Eastern Orthodox.  The U.S. is mostly Protestant and historically has been.  The American idea of Christianity is Protestantism, not Catholicism or Orthodoxy.  American conservatives at large frown upon the Orthodox and Catholic empires of the past in favor of the novel Protestant secularism, which is novel even within Protestantism seeing how Holland, England, Scandinavia and German Protestant states ran themselves.  Hypothetically speaking, even if Putin was a dictator, then would that still really amount to or be worst than what ISIS is doing?  No it wouldn’t.  Americans at large are ignorant and think one way or another; they don’t think of what is the lesser of two evils.  We can’t expect to always get what we want in the opposition to something be it abortion, gay “marriage” or ISIS.  Not siding with Russia in this war against ISIS would be a huge mistake.  Republicans and Democrats picking fights with Russia along with other countries fighting ISIS has only allowed them more time to wipe out more of Christendom from the Middle East.

Once Mesopotamia was the most powerful nation, then China, then Israel, then the Roman Empire, then the Byzantine Empire, then the Islamic State, then the Holy Roman Empire, then the Spanish Empire, then Britain, then the United States and now Russia.  It did not start with nor end with America.  Yet this is hard for so many American conservatives who are used to a powerful Protestant secularist America leading the world.

[1] http://buchanan.org/blog/russophobic-rant-congress-7200

[2] http://time.com/26537/crimea-ukraine-russia-referendum-results/

[3] http://supportisrael.us/news/russian-president-putin-visits-the-holy-land/

[4] http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/175364#.VhcoAZvotD8


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