Dumb Comments


Some of the dumbest liberal comments regarding Islamic issues.

“If you’re Islamophobic, then you’re doing ISIS’s work.” – This seems to be the argument du jour for the political correctness crowd.  It’s nonsensical because the Islamic State has made it very clear what their agenda is: establish a global caliphate and kill and/or enslave anybody who gets in their way.  Yet bloggers seem to gladly use this red herring especially after Donald Trump’s controversial remarks about Muslim migrants which I myself don’t agree with.

“Global warming is the direct cause of the rise of terrorism.” – Bernie Sanders and Bill Nye to name a few have actually stated this.  Not only does it ignore scientific evidence to show what climate change alarmists have been preaching for years to be wrong, but it also ignores the very words Islamic State jihadis, especially leaders, have stated.

“Christians have done bad things too.” – This almost always universally refers to the Crusades and Inquisition.  The political correctness crowd seems to obsess over dwelling in the past.  They refuse to focus on the issue at hand.

“Islamophobes are racists.” – What?!  Islam is a religion, not a race.  It consists of people of all races.  Bosnians at large are Muslims but are Slavs, white Europeans.  Indonesians at large are Muslims but are Asians.  Turks at large are Muslims, but they are not Arabs, they are of Altaic background.  Many Nigerians are Muslims and are black Africans.  Islam has made some white converts: one is a white, red-headed Irishman and former Catholic — who wanted to become a priest — and whose father worked with Steven Spielberg in a number of movies.

“Not all Muslims are terrorists.” – That’s pretty obvious.  This is yet another attempt to avoid looking critically at their religion.  Both moderate and extremist Muslims will tell you the source of Islamic doctrine is the Quran, the Sunnah and the Hadith: all three sources show that Muhammad was a military leader who fought in religiously motivated campaigns with the goal to keep fighting until all professed faith in Allah and/or submitted to Islamic rule.

“Islamophobes are like the Nazis.” – This avoids the issue that there is a real threat.  Hitler’s views of the Jews was based purely on conspiracy theories like blood libel and The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.  In addition, the Nazis rounded up Jewish civilians.  I don’t know anybody promoting that kind of fanatical ideology in regards to Muslims.  At least it is an established fact that a sizeable portion of Muslims do want to take over the world and even then we don’t see public officials pushing for the kind of twisted ideas Adolf Hitler had about the Jews.

In the words of a masked Islamic State jihadi: “By Allah, we embarked on our Jihad only to support the religion of Allah…. Allah willing, we will establish a state ruled by the Quran and the Sunna” (Robert Spencer, “Complete Infidel’s Guide to ISIS”, p. 222).


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