Crazy Preachers


Recently, invasive street preachers disrupted a few Masses in the Las Vegas area shouting slogans like “Pope is Satan”.  Not only that but they also claim to be ex-Muslims.  Naturally, as the reports say, many parishioners feared for their lives.

This once again shows the insanity of fundamentalist Protestantism.  It is violently anti-Catholic, but lacks any theological insight or biblical hermeneutics.  It lacks Sacred Tradition which it utterly rejects in favor of Sola Scriptura.  They have thus pitched themselves against each other over whose interpretation is true and whose is false.

Ironically they obsess over the Bible so much one has to wonder if they worship it.  Many do cite John 1:1 in defense of Sola Scriptura which says “the Word was God”.  So is the Bible God?  We as the Church do not believe that, nor have we ever.  The Bible did not come in the flesh; it did not die for our sins on the Cross; it did not shed blood for us; it did not rise from the dead; it did not ascend into Heaven; it did not tell us to eat its flesh and blood in Holy Communion.  Which brings me to the next topic.

If they follow the Bible as they say they do, then why do they not join us in Holy Communion receiving Jesus Christ body, blood, soul and divinity in the Most Holy Eucharist?  Think about that.  They say religion can’t save us and they have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, but they lack something: the Eucharist.  You can’t have a more personal relationship with the Lord that: receiving Him body, blood, soul and divinity in the Blessed Sacrament is the most intimate way of receiving Him.  These street preachers only receive Him spiritually, or so they say; but they don’t receive Him physically.  They may have been baptized but they don’t confess their sins to a priest, something else they are missing out on, and which is necessary for salvation much like the Eucharist.

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