The Episcopal Church in Trouble


So it has been announced that the Anglican Communion has suspended the Episcopal Church in the United States from participating in any councils for at least three years.  The reason stated was the Episcopal Church’s stance on gay “marriage”.  On the other hand the Episcopal Diocese of South Carolina has broken off from the larger Episcopal Church for the same reason, even going as far as suing them to keep the rights to their coat of arms.

Apart from the fact this does not seem to be persuading for the Episcopalians, the larger Anglican Communion seems to not get the source of the problem.  They think they can change whatever part of the faith they want while suspending those who change what they do not want to be changed.  Case in point: the Church of England recently voted to “ordain” women into the ministry.  This concept is completely alien to Christianity and is purely pagan in nature.  The Church Fathers and Ecumenical Councils ardently rejected a female priesthood, not to mention the clear condemnation of such an idea in Scripture.

So, we have a heretical group judging another heretical group for taking heresy too far for them.  The Episcopal Diocese of South Carolina also disagreed with the Church of England and the Episcopal Church’s move to “ordain” women, which makes them closer to the authentic, apostolic faith than the latter two.  However they too are lacking.  They are still not in full communion with the Roman Church and they have no valid priesthood, hence no valid Eucharist, Confession, Ordination or Extreme Unction.  The Episcopal Church may look very Catholic, but the vestments and architecture alone do not make them Catholic; their submission to the holy, catholic and apostolic faith does make them Catholic, and since they have rejected it, they are not Catholic.

ko.jpgThe Episcopal Church has definitely been busy trying to attract people to the pews by embracing those things which the world values like free love and feminism.  It’s one thing to be welcoming of gays, but quite another to advertise the lifestyle.  God may love the gays, but He does not love the sin; yet the Episcopal Church seems to be happy to christen that which God has deemed wrong in His holy word: “Males did shameful things with males and thus received in their own persons the due penalty for their perversity” and this is because “the males likewise gave up natural relations with females and burned with lust for one another” (Romans 1:27).

The Episcopal Church clearly embraces progressive theology, which much like its political equivalent, moves on to the next issue once they have had their way with another.  Case in point: the Anglican Church split from the Roman Church, thus consequentially the Catholic Church herself, then abolished the sacrificial nature of the priesthood and lost its valid priesthood, then much later embraced the “ordination” of women and now it is the consecration of gay “marriages”.  That’s progressive theology: it progresses – it moves on from on subject to another and it has no plans of stopping until it gets everything it wants; it’s like “Rules for Radicals” but the theological version.  To this day, the Episcopal Church is so expressively pro-LGBT that even the vestments scream LGBT.

koPray for the reconciliation of Christians outside of the Church, that Christians may all be one as the Lord prayed in the garden of Gethsemane.  We celebrate the Octave of Christian Unity from January 18 to 25; so now is a special time to pray for it, but I pray for it year-round.


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