Priests vs. Putin



Some Catholics seem to be convinced that what they hear bloggers and news reporters say about Vladimir Putin (and consequentially Bashar Assad) must be true.  They’re basing their judgments on rumors that spurious human rights individuals are saying.

This plays good in the agenda of the neo-cons who never seem to be called into question by these same priests for their own attempts at conquest.  Yes, the likes of Marco Rubio, Carly Fiorina, Jeb Bush, et alia, who accuse Putin and Russia of wanting world domination, also supported going to Iraq against the request of civilians and the nation itself.  That only created a vacuum effect that allowed the Islamic State to grow and flourish; quite frankly had George W. Bush not taken troops into Iraq, Barack Obama would have never had the opportunity to pull them out too early.

These Catholics should be calling into question neoconservative policies that have helped create the Middle East and North Africa into what they are today: a jihadi paradise.  Putin’s policies didn’t lead to Christian persecution, nor did Assad’s policies; but Republican and Democratic Party policies sure have done that.  Yet, time and time again we hear neoconservatives who boast about being Christians, push for policies that only do more harm to the native Christian population of these countries.  One writer wrote this:

“Moscow too is militarily dismembering neighboring Ukraine by occupying Crimea and sponsoring an insurgency in the eastern part of the besieged country that had longed to integrate into Western civilization.” [1]

The Crimean conflict is a proxy war; Russia did not go into Crimea expect for a short period of time to supply Crimeans in the war.  It should be noted that Crimea voted to secede from Ukraine and requested Putin to sign their admission into the Russian Federation.  Let’s not mention the current Ukrainian government was put into power through a coup, not an election.  Obviously there would be issues with representation.

Then there is Fr. Alexander Lucie-Smith.

“But where is the Papal rebuke for Mr Putin or the King of Saudi Arabia, or the regime in Qatar, or Mr Assad?” [2]

This is even worse, because Fr. Alexander doesn’t even bother to state a reason the pope should rebuke Putin or Assad.  At least give a reason; don’t just make up a reason to oppose somebody.  Then there is the mother of lies.  Here is the famous George Weigel speaking.

“It is self-evident that Ukraine’s future looms large in the strategic master plan of Russian president Vladimir Putin, which involves nothing less than the reconstitution of the USSR, de facto if not de jure, in a reassembly of the former “Soviet space” as an exclusively Russian sphere of influence.” [3]

Read more at:

This goes beyond absurd to stupid.  Neoconservatives seem to be stuck in the Cold War, that the United States is the world’s leader of morality and Russia is still the Soviet Union, the total opposite.  It completely ignores all the times Putin criticized Soviet socialism and its failures, not to mention the fact Russia is a flat tax system, meaning all taxpayers pay 13% income tax regardless of social class.  Russia has recently attracted a lot of businesses trying to escape the excessive laws of Western Europe and North America.

Russian government is also structured almost exactly like the U.S. government.  Russia is a federation composed of several states called federal republics with considerable amount of autonomy that American states would envy.  Like the U.S. federal government, Russian federal government is divided into three branches: executive, legislative and judicial.  Like in the U.S., the Russian president can sign or veto a law written by their legislative branch.

Then Fr. Alexander starts again with the rumors.

“Does he play down the Litvinenko crime, and effectively try to ignore the fact that the Russian government murdered a British citizen on British soil, for the sake of some as yet unspecified advantage to British policy in Syria?” [4]

Honestly I did not expect this to come from a priest.  But if even a priest can be suspect in child molestation charges, then so too can he spread malicious rumors that he can’t back up with evidence.  This is an accusation completely devoid of fact.  To this day there is no evidence Litvinenko’s murderers had connections to the Russian government, and even less that Putin ordered his assassination.






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