Obama, Friend of Muslims, Enemy of Christians


Obama certainly has a love affair with Islam.  It’s so obvious you can see it from a mile away… maybe a couple of miles.  Recently he spoke at a mosque where 99 images of the Arabic writing for Allah appeared for everyone to see.  Ironically when he spoke at Notre Dame back in 2012, the images of IHS and of saints and angels were blocked at the request of the White House.  For one, shame on Notre Dame for compromising the Catholic faith to get along with the world!  Second, shame on the White House for their blatant double standards!

Once again the left, and Obama as well, have shown how they play double standards.  Christianity should not be put publicly on display but Islam can.  Christians get rebuked for actions taken by Christians centuries ago, but all acts of violence committed currently by Muslims is dissociated with Islam and moderate Muslims never take responsibility for stopping the spread of jihad.  You can mock Christianity in the most profane manner but you cannot do as much as criticize Islam without being censored, called a bigot, racist, xenophobe, or being prosecuted in some cases.

Anybody who says there is no double standard regarding Christianity and Islam is in denial.  I have explained it and you can see it clearly pretty much anywhere.  Also Obama does pick his favorites.  Again, look at the evidence.

You can see more here: http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2016/02/obama-hid-jesus-at-catholic-university-but-allows-allah-to-be-widely-displayed-during-islamic-center-speech/


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