Trump vs. Pope


Recently, Pope Francis — again in off the cuff comments — apparently said Trump is “not Christian” if he spends more time talking about building walls than building bridges.  Trump stated that he is “a very good Christian” and, “If and when the Vatican is attacked by the ISIS” the pope will “have only wished and prayed that Donald Trump would have been president”.  Not only is this illogical, seeing that the Vatican is in Italy, not the United States, but his defense of his personal faith is laughable.

Here’s how.  I will take his comments about his own faith from two separate occasions for you to see clearly the contrast.

“I’m a very good Christian.” ~ Donald Trump


“I think if I do something wrong, I think, I just try and make it right. I don’t bring God into that picture. I don’t.  When I drink my little wine — which is about the only wine I drink — and have my little cracker, I guess that is a form of asking for forgiveness.” ~ Donald Trump

Even I wouldn’t claim I’m a good Christian.  I’ll let God be the judge of that.  But it’s odd for somebody who admits to not being very religious to later say he’s a good Christian.  His own church, by the way, says he’s not an active member of the congregation.  That being said, Trump’s statements of his faith are not uncommon at all.  We probably all know those people in our lives who boast to be good Christians but hardly go to church, ask for forgiveness, if they even do so at all.

Honestly, I do believe nations have the right to build a wall to defend itself and filter migrants from trouble-makers, but putting that aside I did find Trump’s reaction to be strange, given the contradiction in his own statements.  As Christians, especially as Catholics, we should know it’s not enough to claim to be good Christians, but not actively attend Mass or confess our sins.  To not do so is to be in the deadly sin of sloth.  Nations need faithful Christians, not just nominal Christians because it takes more than temporal needs, but also spiritual needs to lead a nation in the right way.

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