The Annunciation, Crucifixion and J.R.R. Tolkien


The Crucifixion by Annibale Carracci

This year something rare is happening, both Annunciation Day and Good Friday are on the same exact day.  This is significant because many of the Church Fathers opined that our Lord Jesus Christ was both conceived and crucified on Nisan 14 which sometimes occurs on March 25.  While this is not Church dogma, there is some theological value to it, since this points to the fact that the reason for the conception (hence Incarnation) of Jesus was the Crucifixion.

Most people would be surprised to learn J.R.R. Tolkien picked March 25 as the day in which the One Ring was thrown into the fires of Mount Doom.  Many more would be surprised to discover this same exact day the Church celebrates as the Annunciation and which some Church Fathers speculated as the anniversary of His Passion, the day in which He defeated death.


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