Why I’m Not Voting for Donald Trump


1.) Donald Trump flip flops on abortion… a lot!  A few years ago, he stated he was personally opposed to abortion but supported its legalization; now he says he is pro-life “except [in cases of] rape and incest”.  Let’s not forget his support for funding Planned Parenthood and his belief in the lie that abortions contribute to only 3% of what they do: forgot all the lobbying they do for abortion, including the banning of ultrasound.  He also went from one extreme saying (if abortion were legal) that women who attempt to get an abortion should be penalized, to saying they are victims and the doctors should be penalized to saying Roe v. Wade is the law of the land which should be respected.

2.) He lied about his support for the U.S. interfering in Libya when he claimed he never said that.  There is a video circulating on the internet of him openly calling for the U.S. to take out Qaddafi.  Sure enough, like toppling Hussein, that proved to be a big mistake which enabled the Islamic State to grow at an alarming rate and terrorize Christians along with other non-Sunni minorities.

3.) Not too long ago he donated thousands of dollars to individual Democrats alone, even to the Clinton Foundation.

4.) A few years ago, not too long ago, he wanted to make a golf course where a Scottish farming community is.  He stated the village farmers lived like pigs.

5.) He has boasted about his adulterous affairs, not to mention his repeated remarriages.

6.) He has admitted that he does not confess his sins to God.

7.) He sets unrealistic goals which could lead to more debt: e.g. saying he will build a bigger wall and make the Mexican government pay for it.

8.) He supports subsidizing ethanol, a much more wasteful and expensive alternative to gasoline since it’s made from food supply, is used up much more quickly and requires much more production.

9.) He claims Obergefell v. Hodges is the supreme law of the land which should be respected.

He might be entertaining, but I can’t take him seriously as a candidate anymore.  I have become increasingly skeptical of him although I already knew some stuff I didn’t like prior to his stepping into the campaign.


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