A Priest and His Buddy


Fr. James Martin, S.J.

Catholic theologian, Fr. James Martin, S.J., has once again drawn the ire of many Catholics who feel he has gone borderline heretical.  Consider the following quote.

“This is important, and distressing news, for our church. And it sounds like, if the story is accurate, caving into the worst kind of bullying. As is often the case with people removed for accusations (and I repeat: accusations) of not supporting Catholic doctrine, the doctrine in question relates mainly to LGBT matters. The selectivity of focus is breathtaking. Is there no other doctrine that concerns these watchdogs? That is, when was someone ever critiqued, or removed, for not caring for the poor, for not being forgiving, for not being loving? Don’t laugh: those are much more fundamental Catholic doctrines. And the treatment of Tony Spence, a longtime servant of the church, is, to my mind, disgraceful.”

Take a moment to think these words over.  Think, this is a priest — with a large following and who has not fallen into formal heresy — who is saying this stuff.  Now read Tony Spence’s comments.

“Stupid evidently contageous. Tennessee tries to join MS, NC, IN in passing pro-discrimination laws. via

This was in response to several states passing laws which allow public places to forbid transgenders  from entering bathrooms of the opposite sex.  So, apparently it is part of Catholic social justice in the eyes of the likes of Tony Speare and Fr. James Martin to force women to be comfortable with a crossdressing man use their restroom at the same time in their most private moments.

“Italy postpones voting, at risk. Opposition from church cited. via

Apparently Speare thinks gays adopting children is a fundamental human right which falls hardline against Pope Francis’ words on gay unions and adoption, saying it is “a move by the father of lies that seeks to confuse and deceive the children of God”.  So, does Fr. James think the pope is disgraceful?  Funny how they will go ballistic on anybody saying something they disagree with, but when it comes to the pope then it’s different.  That’s the ultramontanist crowd.

Speare was asked by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops to resign after his series of pro-LGBT comments which seem to publicly support lifestyles contrary to Church teaching.  You cannot separate your faith life from your public life; Fr. James should know this, and you certainly cannot defend certain things as rights.  It’s one think to permit certain things to exist without penalization; Saint Thomas Aquinas himself taught this, but it’s quite another to push for it as a right.

So, now the issue comes back to Fr. James’ comment thread.  He brought up the typical social justice jargon: “That is, when was someone ever critiqued, or removed, for not caring for the poor, for not being forgiving, for not being loving”.  If such a case existed, then we would hear about it.  But when’s the last time we heard of a leading figure of a Catholic news medium, fraternal or sacerdotal society call for neglecting the poor, to not forgive others, or to not love others?  When’s the last time we heard such a person call for pushing the poor out their homes?  Funny he says the USSCB’s move was “disgraceful” and that it seems more concerned about what somebody said about LGBT “rights” rather than the rights of the poor when the same USCCB has been accused of being liberally biased from topics on illegal immigration and amnesty, to waterboarding, to the refugee crisis.  Does the name ChurchMilitantTV mean anything to Fr. James?  They’ve been on the USCCB for years over their pandering to left-wing politics.  They have even accused the USSCB of gay-friendly policies.

So what if Speare has served as Editor-in-Chief of Catholic News Services for 12 years (since 2004)?!  King Henry VIII was known as Fidei Defensor for defending the Church from Protestantism until he himself became a Protestant with Parliament’s shameful act in 1534 in which they declared Henry as the Supreme Head of the Church of England, a blatant act of rebellion against the Church.

Read more here: http://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2016/04/15/474369314/top-editor-at-catholic-news-service-reportedly-pushed-out-over-pro-lgbt-tweets


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