Mother Angelica vs. Liberal Church


Back in 1993, Mother Angelica scolded the progressives in the Church for attempting to change it and said:

*Stop forbidding us from kneeling to receive Holy Communion

*Stop forbidding us from receiving Holy Communion on the tongue

*Stop with the crappy modern church architecture

*Stop telling us all religions are peaceful and tolerant

*Stop telling us sameness is equality (regarding gender)

*Stop telling us homosexuality is just an alternative to heterosexuality

*Stop putting political agendas  (e.g. global warming or amnesty) before Catholic doctrine

*Stop telling us we need feminism

*Stop telling us women need to be ordained

*Stop telling us the liturgy must be modernized and turned into entertainment

*Stop stripping churches of statues and icons

*Stop telling us socialism is compatible with Christianity

*Stop telling us all religions are equally true/false

*Stop telling us faith has no place in the public sphere

*Stop telling us confessing one’s sins to a priest is no longer necessary

*Stop telling us Protestantism has something Catholicism lacks

*Stop telling us the veneration of saints and their images is exaggerated or superstitious

*Stop telling us everything the pope says must be followed (that is only when it suits their political agenda)

*Stop telling us Catholic doctrine developed over time and that hence certain doctrines are really not doctrines but theories that can be discarded at whim

*Stop watering down Lent into a season to go on a diet rather than being a season of repentance

*Stop telling us you can pick and choose which doctrines to believe and still be a good Christian

*Stop telling us you can be a good Christian and skip Mass on a regular basis

*Stop telling us we can’t teach the Catholic faith in its entirety as has been taught for 2,000 years

*Stop telling us abortion is a woman’s right

*Stop telling us euthanasia is really about caring for a dying person

*Stop telling us embryonic stem cells are effective when adult and plant stem cells are much more effective

*Stop telling us even non-offensive speech is offensive

*Stop watering down CCD and RCIA programs

*Stop telling us everybody goes to Heaven, (or) Hell doesn’t exist, (or) Hell is just temporary [like Purgatory], or is only for genocidal dictators

Ironically she got the attention of an Archbishop Rembert Weakland who stated her rant was “disgraceful” even though she never said anything insulting to anybody or cursed anybody.  Note the name “Weakland”.  Her iconic term was: “I’m so tired of you liberal Church of America.”

Requiem æternam dona ei, Domine
Et lux perpetua luceat ei:
Requiescat in pace.


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