More on Donald Trump


Once again the Trump has “evolved” on abortion.  I can no longer take him seriously as a candidate and I stopped taking him seriously a while back.  I started knowing things about him I didn’t like, to moderately accepting as a candidate and now that I know more I really want nothing to do with him.  Yet that hasn’t stopped the Trumpbots.

A week or so ago he said women should be arrested for attempted to get an abortion (if it were outlawed), to saying the doctors should get arrested (while the women are victims), to it should be legal for certain cases.

Then Trump gave his support for the transgender agenda on bathrooms.  Funny how he stated his supported for transgenders using whichever bathroom they choose after the North Carolina caucus.  Even funnier was it before ABC News, the softcore liberal news outlet.  I find it to be a bad idea because it is a way to push the heretical notion that our sex is what we want it to be regardless of how we’re conceived and because it seems to turn people uncomfortable with this into bigots, hence using the law to force them to get comfortable.  And who’s to say only transgender people can use the restroom of the opposite sex?  If it’s discrimination to forbid transgender people to use the opposite sex restroom, then why is it not discrimination to forbid cisgender people from using opposite sex restrooms?  Why even have “men’s” and “women’s” restrooms if they’re going to do this?

This yet should be expected of somebody who lived in New York his whole life and who boasts of having “New York values” which he himself stated; Ted Cruz just quoted him.


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