Trump, Rubio and Sanders


I have noticed something.  Trump, Rubio and Sanders fanatics have one thing in common: they are full of it.  You cannot say anything critical of their favorite candidate without their getting livid about it.

Over the past few days I have angered Trump, Rubio and Sanders fans over my criticisms of their favorite candidates, yet they all like it when I criticize the other candidates.  That’s a classic sign of the cult mentality called personality cult: they follow a particular individual and trash the others even to the point of ignoring bad things about them, or even admitting their flaws while trashing somebody else who may be better than them because they like their personality.  I’ll make some examples.

A Trump fan accused me of “committing the sin of slander” for accusing Donald Trump of flip flopping on abortion, advocating transgenders using opposite sex restrooms, and tax increases for the rich and middle class.  He liked it when I criticized Ted Cruz calling Carly Fiorina to be his Vice President.  He sure likes to call him “Lying Ted” but no matter what is mentioned about Trump, he’s still honest and sincere.  This particular fan, by the way, is a Catholic; I have known him for quite some time and met him on a Catholic-Protestant debate group, but he has compromised on the faith in support of Trump’s stance on abortion and transgenderism, even saying he’s not interested in electing a pope.

A Rubio fan accused me of worshipping Vladimir Putin just because I don’t go along with his neoconservative narrative that Russia must be fought and is on the wrong side in Syria, the same with Bashar Assad.  He likes my criticisms of Donald Trump though.  No matter what I showed him — ISIS claiming the nuclear weapons, Rubio being caught in a photo with Libyan “rebels” (ahem, jihadis), the Free Syrian Army capturing James Foley and selling him to ISIS — he still thinks Assad and Putin are in the wrong, even claiming there is no proof of ISIS having any capability of obtaining nuclear weapons even after I provided him with articles.

A Sanders fan says Ted Cruz wants to make America a theocracy and even compared him to the mullahs of Iran or the princes of Saudi Arabia.  Pretty funny.  Sounds like he’s read too much Huffington Post, funnily called Huffington Compost or Huffing and Puffington Post as I have heard some commentators call it.  Is Cruz really comparable to Islamonazi leaders?  I’m no fanatic of Cruz and I have criticized him in the past, but to call him a theocrat who is equivalent to the mullahs of Iran or the princes of Saudi Arabia is absolutely stupid.  This fan is a recent Protestant convert to Orthodoxy.  He posted video defending Christians in their criticism of homosexual acts (even their right to turn down catering to gay “weddings”), but then sought to lecture me about gay “rights” like gay “marriage”, then boasted to believe in absolute separation of Church and state.  Pius IX listed this as an error of modernism: “The Church ought to be separated from the State, and the State from the Church” (Error 55).  Christians must be Christian in their private and public life.  This fan says he disagrees with Sanders on abortion and Islam, yet still roots for him anyway when there are other candidates who agree with him on those subjects.  He sure likes my criticism of Trump though.

Again, I’m no die-hard fan of Cruz: he’s too Zionist for me (as shows in his talk with Arab Christians) and his nomination of Fiorina as Vice President doesn’t speak to me, but that being said I don’t want to put myself in the situation of those who blindly follow their favorite candidate and say they will solve all America’s problems.  Only one can solve all our problems: that is God Almighty.


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