The Cult of Trump


What’s really amazing (and annoying) about Donald Trump is not Donald Trump so much as it is his fanbase.  It seems that no matter what Donald Trump says, or does, it does not phase his more religious supporters.  Whether it’s on abortion, transgendered people in bathrooms, gay “marriage”, taxation, property rights, criticism of Islam, they seem to not give a crud.  If anything the more he’s called out, the angrier they get.  Then come accusations: “You’re guilty of the sin of slander”, “You’re supporting Lyin’ Ted”, or “You’re part of the establishment.”

I keep getting people who say these kinds of things every time I post an article exposing Trump for who he really is, not some crummy article from gossip-peddling National Enquirer (which claims Prince died of AIDS instead of drugs).  When critics of Trump post real articles criticizing Trump, they’re called liars; when supporters of Trump quote National Enquirer, they’re truth-sayers.

Let’s be clear: I never considered myself a Trump supporter per se, but I did find him at least tolerable as a candidate until recently with all his flip-flopping and his statements outright conflicting with Church doctrine.  I also once thought he was the better choice between him and Hillary Clinton, yet let’s be clear: he is under investigation too like Clinton but for financial fraud.  Another fun fact: Trump donated tens or hundreds of thousands to Clinton, even claimed she was amazing, but now says she’s one of the worst.  I can no longer accept that voting for the lesser of two evils is absolutely necessary; there’s a point where enough is enough.  By the way, there are third party candidates out there too: e.g. Austin Petersen, a pro-life libertarian.

While we’re talking about The National Enquirer, let’s talk about a little known fact.  If we’re going to go by Trump’s logic that Ted Cruz’s father, Rafael, is a murderer for an alleged friendship he had with Lee Harvey Oswald — who assassinated John F. Kennedy — then does that mean by his own bogus logic that he — the Trumpinator — is a pedophile for being close friends with convicted child-molester Jeffrey Epstein — who is close friends with Hillary as well?  At least that makes more sense.  After all, Trump was under investigation for allegations of having sex with minors while at one of Epstein’s sex parties.  In addition Trump frequently jokes about having sex with women young enough to be his granddaughters.  Let’s see The National Enquirer write a nice little piece about that one.

This guy with all kinds of shady backgrounds, and who admits he doesn’t confesses his sins to God, gets all kinds of support from religious Christians who are supposed to oppose the kind of stuff Trump does and stands for.  You have Pastor James Manning — who claimed there was no godly candidate — supporting Trump.  Then there’s Jerry Fallwell and a host of others.  I really hope they think about these things.  Are they really serious about the faith (and just naïve) or are they compromising the faith for Trump simply because he “speaks his mind?”  This is meant to be thought-provoking.  This could result in four to eight years of another big-spender who swindles religious Christians when feminist and LGBT lobbyists come offering him big donations.  It’s not like he hasn’t already flip flopped on social issues depending on whom he speaks in front of.


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