Trump vs. Cruz


Shocking news: Ted Cruz quits the campaign.

I don’t think it’s because of losing Indiana. I think it’s because of Donald Trump’s persistent attacks against the Cruz family. I don’t blame him. Trump’s attacks on Ted Cruz and his family are sickening. The Republicans have made their choice and now the GOP has a frontrunner who is a progressive on many issues, then attacks people when they call him out on it and whose followers have willingly betrayed or given up on the very values they claimed to defend: e.g. right to life, low taxes, etc. It seems that the GOP has pretty much become the very spitting image of the Democratic Party.

Trump flip flops on abortion, says transgenders should have a “right” to use opposite sex bathrooms, Obergefell (gay “marriage” SCOTUS ruling) is the law of the land, wants to subsidize ethanol (much more expensive and quicker to waste than gasoline), and wants to make 50% of U.S. taxpayers to pay more taxes and the other half to pay no taxes.  Let’s not forget he admits he does not confess his sins to God and boasts about his adulterous affairs.

Yet somehow even some very unexpected people have decided to favor Trump over Cruz: religiously minded Evangelicals and Catholics.  I really don’t get it.  Of the two, Cruz better fits the pro-life candidacy; he has consistently fought against abortion for years, stood for the traditional family against government forcing us to accept gay “marriage”, and has not committed adultery as far as we know (contrary to the infamous gossip-peddler called “The National Enquirer”).  Is it because he is bold and doesn’t let political correctness keep him on a leash?  Is it because he promises to make a temporary ban on Muslims entering the U.S.?  Is it because he wants to destroy the Islamic State?

If Trump has filed for bankruptcy four times in 18 years, how can we trust him to “make America great again”?  If he failed to provide the millions of jobs he promised from the construction of his new Scottish golf course, then how can we trust him to create jobs?  If we can’t trust him on these things, then how can we trust him on anything he says regarding the Islamic State or illegal immigrants?  This is something Trump worshippers need to think about.  Sure, he’s talk, but does he have his money where his mouth is?  That’s quite another topic and as a businessman I’m sure he can look at it from the perspective of money.


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