Satan and Protestantism


Satan in John Milton’s “Paradise Lost”

Satan was the first Protestant and will be the last Protestant.  Satan protests against God’s truth to create his own ‘truth’.  “Protestant” means ‘protesting’.

That’s not to say Protestants as a whole are bad.  Most Protestants, “through no fault of their own” (cf. CCC 847), were born into Protestant families and were raised as such.  It’s all they have ever known.  They were simply introduced to Catholicism as simply an alternative to Protestantism, much like cultures being alternatives to each other.  This is the fault of a modernist culture which has made sure to blur the truth as much as possible.  The modernist mind says, “Protestantism is nothing more than another form of the same true Christian religion, in which form it is given to please God equally as in the Catholic Church” (Syllabus of Errors, n. 18).

There are good Protestants; they are not included in this critique of Protestantism, but the vehement anti-Catholic Protestants are as they share much the same protestation of Catholicism as Satan does.  Like Satan, virulent anti-Catholic Protestants use Scripture for their own machinations such as self-glorification, blasphemy, heresy, etc.  Good Protestants who live as holy lives as they can without having known it is necessary to be members of the Catholic Church cannot be blamed as Saint Thomas Aquinas, the Angelic Doctor, stated “of the thing itself which is not known” that “ignorance excuses from sin, in so far as something is not known to be a sin” (cf. Summa Theologica I-II.76.3).

Satan is truly behind the attacks made by Protestants (and anybody else) against the Catholic Church.  Anything from the priest sex abuse scandals, to the accusations of idolatry, to simony, to the selling of indulgences, to conspiracy theories of connections to ancient Babylonia, to accusations of a connection to the Antichrist, etc.  They all come from Satan.  Sure, the priest sex abuse scandal is terrible; but those who exploit it to attack the Church and scare people into leaving her (while ignoring sex scandals in Protestant churches) don’t truly care about the victims.  They have made their agenda clear: to make their numbers grow and take Catholics away from the holy apostolic truth.  This is truly the spirit of Satan: to take even a legitimate concern and wrap it around a great evil; it’s much the same as the abortion agenda which uses legitimate concerns like poverty, rape, poor family background and such to justify the killing of an innocent, unborn human being.  Satan did the same thing (or tried to) when he told Jesus to turn rocks into bread to ease His hunger; obviously he failed because Jesus Christ is the Son of God and God the Son.  Pray for the reconciliation of Protestants to the one, holy Catholic and Apostolic Church.


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