The Trans Agenda


Ultimately the bathroom issue is about promoting heresy in the public arena. It is about making people, including religious Catholics, to believe sex is nothing more than a personal identity or even that there is no such thing as gender difference (e.g. no male or female).

“In the beginning God made them male and female.” ~ Jesus Christ (Mark 10:6)

The LGBT movement wants us to reject this.

That is why they push for laws that allow men (who think they’re women) to use women’s restrooms and women (who think they’re men) to use men’s restrooms.  That is why they go to idiotic lengths (as Attorney General Loretta Lynch did) to call opponents bigots.  They will go so far as to equate us to those who passed Jim Crow laws.  It is one step closer to undermining absolute truth as decreed by Almighty God.

No, it’s not enough to have classes that teach gender studies and gender theory.  They need to take it a step further; they need to make public places accept their gender theory myth by legislation.  That means getting the White House to threaten individual sovereign states into accepting its will or it will use the Supreme Court (an extension of its power) to do so.  In the progressive mindset the federal government is supposed to dictate everything: state sovereignty means nothing and the Church means even less to them.  They despise such institutions to create their own secularist, statist institution.  Then they get that statist institution to dictate to a population of hundreds of millions what 0.3% of the American population is supposed to have.

“Once abolish the God and the government becomes the God” as G.K. Chesterton once said.  The state has taken God out of platform and now it can do away with any aspect of the faith from the public sphere.  That’s what’s happening slowly with gender.


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