Donald Trump and Muslims


Since I have mentioned my disagreements with progressive policies on Islamic migration and immigration, I feel like it would be great to answer a question many might have regarding what I think about Donald Trump’s plan to temporarily ban Muslims altogether from entering the country.

Some reasons why I don’t besides the fact not all Muslims are bad (which Trump admits).

1.) It does not allow good Muslims a safe place to live and grow with Christians.

2.) Because of #1, Christians are not provided a safe environment to evangelize Muslims in the hopes of their conversion.

3.) Because of #1, it does not allow Muslims to see the sympathetic side of Christians which shows one of the major differences between Christianity and Islam.

4.) Because of #1, it does not provide Muslims with an atmosphere which challenges their way of life and their faith.

5.) Because it does not permit strong alliances for Christians and Muslims; while Muslims back home might be more easily radicalized.

I think I have mentioned before on my article I believe a solution can be made by still protecting our Christian heritage in the West by following these steps.

1.) Help Muslims migrate to more developed Islamic nations such as Turkey.  They fit in a lot better than they do in the predominantly Christian West.

2.) Limit the number of Muslims that come every year to the West.

3.) Give Christian migrants the priority since they, unlike the Muslims, are persecuted for their faith, since Christians fit in much better in a predominantly Christian West, and since we as Christians should take care of our own first as Holy Writ says we must do good “especially to those who belong to the family of the faith” (cf. Galatians 6:10).

4.) Distribute Muslims throughout different cities to further avoid Islamization, radicalization, the growth of terror cells and no-gone zones (and consequentially Sharia police).

5.) Further encourage Muslims to integrate into Western culture to further avoid the problems mentioned above in #4.

6.) Give Muslim families the priority over Muslim singles.  Muslims men who come by themselves are much more likely to be extremists or radicalized in the future.

7.) Continue background checks on everybody coming into the West and if anything step up on them.

I am confident if the Western nations start doing this then we will see much progress and far less problems.  We could make things better without placing a universal ban on Muslims if we follow this plan.  In addition, the Church needs to be more evangelistic towards Muslims instead of encouraging Muslims to look to the Quran.  This has only continued the radicalization of moderate Muslims due to the ever-increasing facility of Internet accessibility with religious texts and sermons.


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