The Transgender Argument


So somebody posted this in a group, but I don’t like giving names of people or names of locations to keep this all confidential and as private as possible.  I want to focus on the rhetoric, not the person.

“Seriously, get the f*** over with it already. The only posts in the … forum lately have been this issue, which frankly, is making me miserable, especially as someone who suffers from severe gender dysphoria. I want to talk about something interesting, not something I made up my mind on when I converted to the Orthodox faith.”

I’m sorry they suffer “from severe gender dysphoria”, but as the author mentioned the context of suffering means something is abnormal.  You can’t suffer from something good.  I will be praying for them seeing that they are not happy with their lives with the gender they are born with.  Now apart from the their personal problems let’s take aside all emotional arguments in favor of transgenderism.

I’m going to step back for awhile and probably respond tomorrow. Since I am more than likely one of the few people in this group who suffers from severe gender dysphoria, and therefore, am the only one who can actually SEE this from their perspective, this issue makes me extremely frustrated with people, especially cis people who could never relate. I’m saying that about BOTH SIDES – the feminazis who call some Christians transphobic for even suggesting that your sex was assigned by God and therefore should not be changed are just as much full of bulls*** as people who are actually transphobic.”

The bathroom debate is a lot more than just the bathrooms; it’s about reality.  The LGBT movement is pushing us to question sex, and not just in the sense of sexual intercourse, but our biological sex.  That’s why more schools are demanding their students to use gender neutral pronouns when addressing a person in certain classes.  That’s why they’re demanding that transgenders get to use bathrooms of the sex they wish they were of but are not.  Pseudo-intellectuals are going as far as to say our sex is assigned at birth; no it’s not.  It’s biologically implanted in us at the moment of conception — part of the evidence for life starting at conception — when the sperm meets the egg.  Boys have an XY chromosome pairing and girls have an XX chromosome.  As the little boy in Kindergarten Cop put it: “Boys have a penis and girls have a vagina.”  The physical gametes correspond to our biological chromosome pairing laid out at conception.

Transgenderism is heresy.  It rejects that in the “beginning God made them male and female” (cf. Mark 10:6).  It says our sex/gender is something relative or arbitrary if not non-existent.

“The best solution, regardless of opinions, is love. I need to step back because I will not give that if I respond now. All I can see right now is a bunch of transphobic a**holes and religious zealots instead of people who have a genuine concern about people being assaulted.

“And, I’m saying that as someone who IS a religious zealot to a Church that opposes homosexuality and transsexaulism.

What Church do they mean?  The Catholic Church?  The Evangelical community?  The Eastern Orthodox Churches also oppose transgenderism last time I checked.

“I know gender-neutral people who have been harassed no matter what restroom they go in.”

So what’s the point of letting them (or making them) use opposite sex bathrooms if they still will get harassed?  The logical conclusion is the penalize harassment in the restroom of their biological sex.

“I’ll be honest, I am not compassionate enough to people who oppose transgender people using restrooms.”

Apart from the lack of Christian charity in not being “compassionate enough” with people and calling them “transphobic a**holes” for simply disagreeing with them, nobody — not one — has said transgender people should be barred from restrooms, and certainly not the people I know.  All I have seen is a request for transgender people to use the restroom for people of their biological sex.  That’s it.  Plain and simple.

So, in the end, saying “Seriously, get the f*** over with it already” is really code term for “Don’t question my beliefs.”  “The only posts in the … forum lately have been this issue, which frankly, is making me miserable” means “I’m offended by you talking about a subject that personally relates to me.”  Then in spite of telling everybody else to get over it, they went on with arguments in defense of transgenderism which means “My opinion is the only one that matters and you can’t question it; the debate is over (as if there ever was one to begin with) and if you question me, then you’re a ‘transphobic a**hole’ and a ‘religious zealot’.”

I’ve have run ins with this particular individual in the past: the last time was in regards to false equivalency of Ted Cruz to the mullahs and ayatollah of Iran as some sort of theocrat who wants to force people to convert to Christianity.  Sounds like Huffington Post crap.  Anyways, I will be praying for those who struggle with this gender identity crisis.


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