Pastor James Manning


“Lying lips hide hatred: he that uttereth reproach is foolish.”

There are a couple reasons not to listen to his YouTube videos.  For a large part they have to do with his endless list of conspiracy theories, not to mention his flip flopping similar to that of Michael Savage and Donald Trump (both which he adores).

1.) He thinks Venerable Pius XII did nothing to save Jews (and others) from the Holocaust. – In spite of all the evidence on the contrary, he seems to be late on the evidence.  He must’ve read John Cornwall’s Hitler’s Pope which has been debunked by many authors including Rabbi David Dalin.

2.) He went from respecting the Church to calling Catholics to leave her. – He has stated, “You know you’ve left the Catholic Church and that’s a good thing.”  As much as he, and others, talk about “the Word of God” they seem to diss the Church that put its Canon together.

3.) He thinks Saint John Paul II is the last pope. – He sounds like a Sedevacantist although he is Baptist.  I wonder what about Benedict XVI makes Manning think he’s not a pope.  If he likes the Catholic Church, then why doesn’t he become Catholic?  No, wait.  He doesn’t.  No.  D’oh!

4.) He thinks Pope Francis is a universalist. – In other words Pope Francis allegedly says you can go to Heaven regardless of what you believe.  He reads too much liberal media hype which always puts words in the pope’s mouth.  Yet the Holy Father did say you can’t be a Christian without the Church.

5.) He thinks Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama are closet homosexuals. – Yes, he seriously said that Obama and Putin would be ousted as gays.  Based on what evidence?  Who knows.

6.) He calls for the stoning of homosexuals. – Yes, that’s true.  Sure, that was a mandate in the Old Covenant, but we are no longer in the Old Covenant.  We are called to have mercy and preach the Gospel.  Calling for the execution of homosexuals is not showing mercy or preaching the Gospel.  Funny how Michael Savage called Rick Santorum a fanatic over something he said about contraception (at a Catholic university, not on a campaign), but won’t call Manning a fanatic for calling for the execution of homosexuals.

7.) He wants to “abstain from the Holy Eucharist” which he doesn’t have. – First, the Church decrees that Baptists have no valid Eucharist as they have no valid priesthood to offer the Eucharist and this is because they have no apostolic succession which is because Baptist theology rejects the sacrificial nature of a ministerial priesthood.  Second, you cannot fast from the Holy Eucharist because Jesus Christ gave it to us for the forgiveness of sins.  The only time you should be abstaining from Holy Eucharist is when you are consciously in a state of grave and manifest sin, not for the sins of others.  You can, on the other hand, fast; Our Lord did say that some demons can only be “cast out but by prayer and fasting” (cf. Matthew 17:20).  To abstain from Holy Communion otherwise can actually be a sin.

8.) He sure likes to pretend to be Catholic. – Strange how a Baptist minister is frequently dressed like a Catholic bishop and his alter servers (or whatever they are) are dressed similar.  This ties in to his claim that he has the Sacrament of the Lord’s Body and Blood.

9.) He sure flip flops politically. – He went from saying all candidates — even Rick Santorum, Ted Cruz and such — are godless or at least terrible, to saying Ron Paul is the perfect candidate.  Now he’s rooting for Donald Trump.  That’s not surprising and yet it is: Trump has a way of attracting extremists and jerks, yet Trump has a terrible past himself with adultery, lying and cheating, not to mention his support of transgender “rights”.

Ironically he says, “For more than 1500 years all we ever knew was the Catholic Church.”  Maybe he’s on his way to the Catholic Church without knowing it.  He even said in the same video, “Martin Luther messed us up.”  Then he apparently celebrates Lent, even using the correct Catholic terminology.  Let’s pray for the reconciliation of Protestants to the Catholic Church.



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