Temptation vs. Sin – A Christian Rocker


Recently a Christian rock singer came out as gay.

I’ve seen many jump to say he’s pushing to favor the homosexual lifestyle. There’s a caveat: he admits he is gay, not that he had a boyfriend.

The Catechism teaches that those with “deep-seated homosexual tendencies … are called to chastity” (CCC 2358-2359). It seems he admits to his attraction to other men, but does not necessarily say he acts upon his feelings. Catholic teaching on temptation is that the temptation itself is not a sin; acting upon temptation, however, is a sin.

What’s honorable is that in spite of leaving his wife; he still takes care of his kids with his wife. Many other men who come “out of the closet” leave not only their wives but their children as well to live with another man. This man did not do that. He admits he brought children into this world and has agreed to carry his cross to take care of them.


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