Hillary Clinton’s Hypocrisy


Yes, let me preach about income equality while I wear an expensive jacket to show off how much money, err… how little money I make.

This is the mind of Clinton without her admitting to it.  At least Sanders is more consistent; he literally fits in with the blue collar workers by wearing an actual blue collar shirt with the top part unbuttoned.  Clinton on the hand preaches income equality while she wears the finest clothes (yet with what I find to be horrible taste in clothing).  She even claimed that she was broke leaving the White House after Bill Clinton’s term ended.  So, how did she get so much money back and where did she get it from?

This is just another example of Clinton lying.  Even if it isn’t illegal, it’s immoral.  She’s leading people to think it’s okay to pretend to be so moral, then go about lying all the time to get what you want.  Talk ad nauseam about taxing the rich more to give to the poor, yet you yourself wear some of the most expensive clothes which most people could not afford.

Yet, Clinton is winning so far with over 2440 delegates and counting.  It makes you wonder how smart and/or moral Americans at large are.  You can tell a lot about somebody by whom they vote for.  The U.S. by the way has been ridiculed by many throughout the world particularly because of the idolatry of public officials like Clinton and Obama who have terrible policies.  I have heard family and friends in Germany and other places tell me Obama and Clinton for example are terrible.

It’s as simple as this as taste in clothes.  Remember these words.

I’m so poor I wear Armani instead of Gucci.


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