More Islamic Provocation


Muslim Turks placed a banner on a Greek Orthodox church reminding them of Ramadan as if trying to make them celebrate Ramadan and subsequently convert to Islam.

You don’t see Christians doing this to mosques in the West, let alone see Western countries ban the construction or reconstruction of mosques.  Yet the left likes to portray the guilty party as the critics of Islam.  You can’t complain about the following otherwise you’re an Islamophobe, a bigot, a xenophobe or even a racist.

1.) Christians are forbidden from building or rebuilding churches in much of the Islamic world.

2.) Christians are not allowed to sound their bells.

3.) Christians are not allowed to say their prayers in public.

4.) Christians are not allowed to hold public processions.

5.) Christians are not allowed to publish their literature or pass it out in public.

6.) Christians are not allowed to have images of saints in public display.

7.) Christians are not allowed to convert Muslims to Christianity or stop Christians from converting to Islam.

8.) Muslims can be punished severely for converting to Christianity: that even means put to death.

This is called the Pact of Ummar, which is the part of Sharia law that has to do with Christians.  There are plenty of more regulations put on Christians, but these are the major ones I wanted to point out.  Those Turks putting that banner on a Greek Orthodox church is just an example of the Pact of Ummar, showing Islam’s dominance over Christianity through the example of making Christians be compelled to convert to Islam.  Even in modern Turkey Christians are a small minority which have several restrictions and have a favored opinion only by 6% of Turks according to a study.  That’s scary.  Imagine that in a country were Islam is the state religion.

Yet too many progressives don’t understand this.  If you call for the Islamic population to remain small and their influence stabilized; you’re a bigot.  They don’t understand the continued growth of Islam in the West spells doom for Christians and it can happen even with Muslims being the minority; just look at the gays, lesbians and transgenders: they make up only about 2% of the U.S. population.


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