Obama’s ISIS Problem


Once again Barack Obama lies about the motivations of a jihadist.  He said that we do not know his motivations.  I digress.

We do in fact.  He was on the FBI’s watch list and was affiliated with the Islamic State.  That’s all there is to know. Yet, he and others don’t want us to mention the “M” word lest we be called Islamophobes, bigots, zealots, xenophobes or racists. Funny if a Christians so much as refuses to bake a cake for a gay couple or legislates against gay “marriage”, he’s all up and arms connecting Christianity to the act by mention the person was Christian. When a Muslim goes shooting down gays, he dissembles and disconnects the act completely from his being Muslim. He’s a liar and not a good one at that.

Completely ignore the fact that a Muslim imam preached earlier this year in Orlando, calling for the death of homosexuals as the compassionate thing to do.  If this isn’t Islamic, then why are so many Muslim preachers calling for the same thing and why can they connect their exhortation to the words of their prophet?  Politically correct social justice warriors are brainwashed and will believe anything that comes out of Obama’s mouth.


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