The WBC Strikes Again


As should be expected the Westboro Baptist Church said that “God sent the shooter“, something they frequently say when there’s a shooting.   Not only that but as typical they take pride knowing the victims may possibly be in Hell.  Remember this is the most disgusting cult in the U.S.

Like I have said before, there are Christian legalists out there who seriously believe that gays should be put to death simply for homosexual acts.  Some of them are Protestants, others are Orthodox and Catholics.  I will say it again: these Christians have turned their personal faith into a penal system which eliminates mercy, forgiveness and evangelization out of the equation.  They downplay the grace of the Sacraments which come to us from Christ’s Passion.  Jesus Christ won atonement for our sins on the Cross and thus makes His grace available to us in the Sacraments, especially Baptism, Confession, Holy Eucharist and Extreme Unction.

If you believe in the death penalty for vices like homosexual acts, then what’s the point of believing in the efficacy of the Sacraments?

Then there is the issue of rejoicing in another’s misery.  While we can’t know the fate of somebody for sure (especially if they defected from the faith), there’s nothing off-putting like getting off to the thought of another person’s damnation.  It’s sickening to anybody who firmly believes in God’s forgiveness and mercy.  No, I’m not calling the Orlando shooting victims martyrs of a good cause; nor am I necessarily saying they are in Heaven or Purgatory.  However, I am saying God has not revealed to us which particular individuals go to Hell and to claim to know for sure they are there is to play God which is a serious sin.  We especially should not be wanting people to go there.  If we truly understand the horror of Hell, then we will wish that not one single person goes there and will pray even more for them.


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