A Lesson from Confucius


The ancient Chinese philosopher Kong Fuzi — known by us in the West as Confucius — has words for wisdom for the political correctness crowd who says words don’t lead to victory.  This was posted by Robert Spencer.

“”The Master said, ‘What a boor you are, Yóu! A junzi keeps silent about things he doesn’t understand. If names are not right then speech does not accord with things; if speech is not in accord with things, then affairs cannot be successful; when affairs are not successful, li and music do not flourish; when li and music do not flourish, then sanctions and punishments miss their mark; when sanctions and punishments miss their mark, the people have no place to set their hands and feet. Therefore, when a junzi gives things names, they may be properly spoken of, and what is said may be properly enacted. With regard to speech, the junzi permits no carelessness.'”

~(Analects of Confucius 13:3)

This deals with what in Confucianism is called the rectification of names which as is in Wikipedia is described as Confucius’ belief “that social disorder often stemmed from failure to call things by their proper names, that is, to perceive, understand, and deal with reality.”

To make it simplified for lazy, ignorant Westerners: addressing the ideology by name is one of the first steps in defeating it just as the first step in beating an addiction is that you have an addiction.  It does not matter if it does offend moderates who identify by that ideology.  What’s good for the community at large is more important than the ego of a certain few.  In this regard it could relate to Islam, neo-Nazism or communism.  Maybe it is time for the U.S. president to man up and speak out; no more being an ideologue and a demagogue.

Oh, and yes, Obama is certainly a demagogue which is “a political leader who seeks support by appealing to popular desires and prejudices rather than by using rational argument” (Oxford Dictionary).  This is because Obama, like many others, play on the fears of others that there is the large Islamophobic force that is going to wreak havoc in the streets; yet so far we have yet to see that happen.  Yet the media at large is concerned with Donald Trump being the demagogue.


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