Communism and Anti-Catholicism


Recently a group of Vietnamese Catholics were beaten up by communist Vietnamese police and arrested on unexplained charges after the police barged into a house Mass.

Just bask in the fact this is the same and only communist Vietnam which Barack Obama praised a few weeks ago.  Vietnam is very far from achieving true human rights, yet Obama made it seem minor when he said the U.S. still struggles.

This is a time and place when and where the government is increasingly infringing on Christians.  In some places children can be taken away from their families if they don’t want to be raised in a particular religion.  In other places Christians can lose their business, be sued or even arrested for refusing to cater to an event which goes against their moral beliefs.  There have been pushes to tax the Church.  It may not be as bad as it is in Vietnam, but that doesn’t mean it can’t get there.

Let’s remember the Weimar Republic was a very democratic society just before the Nazi Party was elected into office.  Many scoffed of the idea of fear-mongers winning the election but little did they knew they would be wrong.  The same can happen in any democratic society if the conditions are right.  Right now there is a lot of anti-Christian sentiment in Western society even among a number of nominal Christians who hate Christianity largely because of doctrines on human sexuality in addition to life issues like abortion, euthanasia, embryonic stem-cell research, and such.  Keep that in mind.


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