The Cult of Shea


Mark Shea is famous in the Catholic blogosphere and has his own legion of followers.  He has certainly made small bit of controversy over some inflammatory comments he has made regarding those who disagree with his opinions, while he and his fans accuse those who disagree with them as not being true Catholics.  I know this because I once was friends with a big fan and friend of Mark Shea.

This friend blocked me after I left his group after he decided to demonize those who were even slightly in favor of waterboarding as not true Catholics.  This wasn’t the only time we quarreled, but that was the icing on the cake.  I could no longer take it anymore afterwards and his harassment of Protestants was embarrassing as I personally had to answer for his misdeeds.

Now the reason I bring up this person is because his thoughts reflect that of his friend.  I have heard many say they were blocked by him after they disagreed with him that more gun control was needed, that the death penalty needs to be abolished, that you should not have to be forcefully vaccined, and such.  Keep in mind these are grey areas of Catholic doctrine.

In addition he has a notoriety for calling people names, yet he has the gall to criticize Donald Trump for the same thing.  I’ve seen Shea’s close friends do the same thing: criticize Trump for name-calling and posting pictures that personally make fun of them, but then they themselves do the same thing.  I’d provide links, but the hyperlink button is acting up.

My thoughts in the end are, as are those of many others, that Mark Shea poses himself as the pope to make decrees even the Vatican has not made.  This is dangerous; it causes strife and division.  It is very divisive behavior and though Shea repeatedly apologizes for his behavior, he always goes back to his old ways.  Nevermind his fans who emulate him and show know desire to change.


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