The State and Marriage


I should clarify my comments on the state and marriage.  The state should not be the final arbiter of what counts as a marriage and the state has gotten too powerful in this regard.  One of the things statists do is put the state over the Church in regards to marriage to decide what counts as a marriage.

For years the state courts have recognized what the Church calls invalid remarriages as actual marriages.  It is no surprise that in many states now the courts also consider gay unions to be marriages.  Now with Canada legalizing certain forms of bestiality, it is not irrational to say the next item on the agenda may be inappropriate relationships between humans and animals recognized as marriages.

The state also decides largely the distribution of money in families such as settlements, alimony, widow’s pension.  It’s no doubt the LGBT community has pushed the courts to legalize gay “marriage”.  Of course I say “marriage” in quotation marks because gay “marriage” is an impossibility in the eyes of God just as the “ordination” of women into the priesthood is an impossibility in the eyes of God.  Back to the idea of the state’s power of marriage, the distribution of goods has gone from personal charity to the will of the state.  Then there’s the pressure to have a marriage license.

Now the common claim among libertarians is that the state should have absolutely no say on marriage.  While to a large extent I agree, to claim the state has absolutely no place in saying what is a marriage is indifference towards the sanctity of marriage which is borderline heresy.  The Catechism repeatedly calls for public officials to defend the sanctity of marriage: “Civil Authority should consider it a grave duty to acknowledge the true nature of marriage and the family, to protect and foster them, to safeguard public morality, and promote domestic prosperity” (n. 2210).

While I am not saying gays should be arrested for living with each other, the thought of any institution acknowledging gay unions on the same level as natural or sacramental marriages — whether the state calls them marriages or not — is in direct contrast to Church doctrine.



4 thoughts on “The State and Marriage

  1. LMAO this is pure gold! I cannot stop laughing at your comment about Canadians legalizing beastiality. You should submit this satirical article to a comedy competition! You’d be a real star on Saturday Night Live and the likes.

    If you need more material, check out my blog! I’d love to see your natural humour in my comments section :’)

    God bless ya,


    1. It’s nice to know you have absolutely no comeback with any intellectual substance, but instead resort to ad hominem attacks. You’re really doing the LGBT lobby a favor. Don’t you have a gay pride parade to be at right now, by the way?

      On the bright side, I’m glad you took the time to look through my posts to months ago.

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