Brexit – A Sign of Hope


Not surprisingly a lot of people are acting like it’s the end of the world now that Britain has voted to secede from the European Union.  Yet, there are many good things about Britain’s secession from the E.U. and they all stem from sovereignty.

1.) The United Kingdom has more say on its borders.

2.) The United Kingdom has more say on social issues like abortion and same-sex unions.

3.) The United Kingdom has more freedom to regulate its own economy.

For years the European Union has pressured member states to adopt very pro-abortion and pro-gay laws.  Poland has been fighting the E.U. over this.  Then there’s Angela Merkel who is unofficially the leader of the E.U. and is very responsible for the astronomical list of issues as a result of the influx of Muslim migrants into Europe.

Note how the ones protesting Brexit are the millennial, lesbian, Occupier types who are stuffing their ageist propaganda down people’s throats.  DailyMail did a report on this, but I still cannot get hyperlink to work.  The article is called “Millennials fury with baby boomers for voting Britain out of EU”.  I bring this up because it obviously shows the liberal bias of those who despise state sovereignty, traditional Christian values even more so and love state programs.  They want a one-world government where people all over the world are dictated that you must support religious indifference, be okay with Islamization, the secularization of Christian society, abortion, homosexuality, etc.  Politicians of the E.U. and their advocates have been pushing this for years.  Of course, the United Kingdom has a right before God to secede from a worldly organization as does any other nation for that matter!


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