Rights and the Divine


A lot of people seem to be under the statist or secularist mindset that rights are granted to us by the government, but that is not the case.  The founding fathers of the United States wrote that all human beings are “endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights” (Declaration of Independence).  They even admitted this.  Christians should know that rights come only from God, not government or a piece of paper.  Rights are not the government’s to give or take.  Nobody has the right to sin: hence, nobody has the right to abortion or homosexuality for example.  Sin is simply tolerated to bring about a greater good.  The problem with somebody calling evil a right is not only do they tolerate it, but they then call it something inherently good that must be defended and celebrated.

So for somebody to say a woman has a right to have an abortion or for somebody to have a right to have sexual intercourse with somebody of the same biological sex is to condone sin.  They are not simply tolerating the existence of sin, but they are defending it and celebrating it.  This is a problem when liberal Christians like Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton go about pushing for abortion and homosexuality as rights; they are thus saying that such things are inherently good and thus must be defended and celebrated.  That’s why you see them celebrating victories in the name of abortion and homosexuality, for example, by lighting up the White House in rainbow colors or being part of a gay pride parade.

People need to be aware that the purpose of government is to secure rights and by rights I mean what God has made as rights.  For the state to act contrary and to decree on its own terms what is good or bad is to place itself above God.  As G.K. Chesterton once wrote, “Once abolish the God and government becomes the god” (Christendom in Dublin).  This is a warning to us about when government takes God out of its platform; it frees itself of any moral obligation to go by a certain set of rules.  It thus becomes free to make up its own ethics based on what it sees beneficial to itself.  This ultimately leads to a society where the government funds schools to teach openly anti-Christian rhetoric, push abortion and contraception in schools, push for the redefinition of marriage and a number of other things; this also leads the government to funding efforts around the world to abort and contracept.

Too many libertarians fail to see that their own belief that God should have absolutely nothing to do with the public sphere has only led to this.  They might say they don’t want the government to be religious or secularist, but in the end the non-religious government becomes secularist and in their view there is nobody from stopping them if they are not bound by a higher power.


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