Palin & Trump


As if people didn’t make fun of her enough before, she has to spew this stupid nonsense. It’s not the first time she did or said something wrong. She left Catholicism for Pentecostalism, compared waterboarding to the Sacrament of Baptism and now calls anybody who questions Trump a “rat”. I guess I’m a rat for not believing somebody who constantly flip flops on virtually every topic mid-election from abortion to Libya.

It’s ironic that Palin is not taking into account that Trump did state he wants to rename the GOP “the Workers’ Party” or change the GOP platform on abortion.  What’s funny is that the Workers’ Party is a common term for communist and fascist parties.  There’s the National Socialist German Workers’ Party, the Traditionalist Workers’ Party, the Workers’ Party of Korea, the Workers’ Party of Ireland, the Kurdistan Workers’ Party and the Workers’ Party of Belgium to name a few.

Fascism is known for being far right in terms of nationalism while far left in terms of economics.  Fascists want  the government to control the economy and dictate to businesses in virtually every subject what to do and what not to do.  They want to nationalize businesses to which they are brought under direct ownership of the government.  Simultaneously they want their nation to stand out as superior.  While I am not saying Trump could be the next Hitler; there are some striking similarities between Trump’s rhetoric and that of fascists, some of whom are backing him.

So, now it’s time for the likes of Sarah Palin and Anne Coulter to think seriously to themselves if they really stand for what they claim or are they lying to themselves and everybody around them.


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