Darth Sidious at Meeting Hall

The Dark Lord of the Sith has revealed himself to the world.  He attended a meeting hall in Pensacola, Florida to offer Satanic prayers and chants to the dark lord.  He cited the first amendment as justification, basically saying if Christians can offer prayers at a meeting all, then so can Satanists.

The day Satanic prayers are held in public forums such as this is the day we know society has truly sunk to a new level of corruption.  This means Christians cannot keep their faith to themselves; they need to be stewards of God’s grace.  If they do not, then more of this will happen, and more social issues will be thrown out the window.  In his homily at World Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro (July 28, 2018), Pope Francis exhorted, “Jesus is calling you to be a disciple with a mission!”


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