More Jihad…


More in jihad… in France!  This time it wasn’t in a Jewish bakery, a gay bar, or public place, but in a Catholic church.  The victim was a French priest, Fr. Jacques Hamel, who was celebrating Holy Mass when two Islamic State jihadis slit his throat, then held four others hostage while they preached an Islamic sermon in Arabic.

In the way of this event, an Iranian Muslim has announced he is converting to Jesus Christ in Catholicism.  The words of Tertullian do come to mind: “The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Church.”  Reports are coming in that Muslims are converting to Christianity in the thousands, perhaps even millions.  The jihadi Muslims are reacting in desperation to see to it that this does not happen, but this is only motivating more Muslims to leave Islam as they see Christians are not only more compassionate, but their God is more benevolent then the false god those jihadis pray to.

Two jihadi Muslims martyr a Catholic priest, defile a church to their false god, offering him a sermon and prayer, and Muslims convert to Christianity.  The power of the Cross is a scandal to Muslims.  It is a testimony of love, something lacking in the religion of Islam which has always taught to divide and conquer.  Christianity teaches charity goes to Christian and non-Christian alike; Islam teaches charity goes only to Muslims and those who are interested in converting (see Islamic scholars).  So funny how something Islam views as an idol has so much power because of the one who was crucified upon it.

For Fr. Jacques Hamel:

Eternal rest grant him, O Lord,

And let your perpetual light shine upon him.

May he rest in peace.  Amen.


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